This is how I shoot wedding films. You’re not going to want to just rewatch random clips with music. You’ll want to feel and relive the emotions you felt that day. You’ll want to hear your loved ones voices. I don’t plug and chug these films, and I didn’t get into this for the security of a paycheck. I don’t really care that much about the wedding industry and all of the things it claims to be “important.” I care about what’s important to my couples and sharing their love story. I want to film couples that have made their wedding day exactly the way they want it and the more atypical the better. My films are about highlighting the small treasures that exist in between the big stuff and capturing the beautiful moments that a photo can’t replicate. I focus on the tiny details you might not remember or be paying attention to. Weddings shouldn’t be filmed like a promotional event. They should have life and be fun and emotional and truly capture how you felt on your wedding day.

Prices start at $3,300. Travelling makes me very happy.