About Tim Sauer

I’ve never found bios to be an easy task. You’d think with how often I talk about my love of story-telling I’d know how to share my own. I could just lie and say I saw The Godfather and promptly went to purchase my first camera. But my journey hasn’t really been all that interesting and the movie would’ve been Flubber. Growing up I put all of my energy and focus into sports. When I wanted to make my friends and I laugh in high school and college, we’d grab the camera and make a dumb video. I kept wanting each video to be better than the last and began teaching myself the basics of filming and editing. This continued all the way to my last semester of college when I decided to no longer pursue a career in fitness, and instead find fulfillment through video production. That’s how I got here.


Whenever I am most uncomfortable, anxious, sad, happy, hopeful, or overall emotional, I look to art to help me understand why. This could be a movie, book, song, photo, painting, play, or pretty much anything that shares the human experience. These have always helped me find truth in the emotions of whatever I am going through in my life. I believe art is about empathy and I’ve become a more empathetic person because of the stories that were shared by people who found a way to express their experience.

I love filmmaking because it allows me to express myself. Documentaries provide the perfect opportunity for me to use my creativity to amplify others’ voices. I want these films to help people empathize with one another and give them something to connect to so that they may feel less alone. For me, it’s all about solidarity and I want to help people find that in any way possible.